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Annotation in 360° and how to use them?

Making a decision to buy a property is not an easy thing. By placing 360° walks on your website, you make this difficult process easy for your clients. They can freely, at home, consider whether a given property actually meets their needs, giving them a foretaste of how they will feel in arranged space. It’s worth to draw customers attention to exceptional finishes, various interior design proposals or to mention the prosperous dimensions of the rooms. And here annotations come with the help.

How do you add annotations?

Adding annotations is easy. Just add the text information about the item captured in the 360​​° walk in an Evryplace editor.  All you need to do is move the selected widget onto the scene, and the annotation will be attached to the selected point. Wondering what to use this feature for? Descriptions of elements, parameters of rooms, describing special space, creating room names, or a welcome banner, all you can write about the real estate space.

Annotation in 360° and how to use them?, Evryplace Knowledge Base

How to add a pop-up and what to use it for?

Some information should be provided to the client, but you don’t always want them to be visible directly in the presentation. Understandable. That’s why you have the option of adding text materials in the form of pop-ups. Such a pop-up can hide a different shot of the room, a different decor, details or a view from the window. It is also possible to add such materials as video or graphics, with the help of which you can give care instructions. It’s an engaging way to get your potential customers through the presentation without your participation. They can walk around the property virtually and learn a lot more about it.

Annotation in 360° and how to use them?, Evryplace Knowledge Base

Annotations will keep customers longer with your presentation, giving them the opportunity to independently explore the interior.

Spectacular but also easy-to-use 360​​° presentation features that will act as a virtual guide to your properties. Visual effects attract clients and arouse their curiosity. It‘s the perfect way for them to discover the place where they would spend their life. Annotations are an attractive way to guide visitors around the property without your presence. Such possibilities only in 360° technology.


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