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Devices allowing to view Evryplace virtual tours

Web browser

Your virtual tours can be viewed by clicking the links to them, shared by any means. You can email the link, post it on social media or in any other way you would share a link.

VR Headset

Headsets dedicated for VR. Oculus Quest 2 and other VR headsets are a great way to conduct a powerful presentation of your virtual tour. It will allow your client to fully immerse in the tour. To use VR headset you need to download Evryplace VR app onto the headset.

Smartphone and tablet

On both smartphones and tablets virtual your clients can view your tours either by opening a link shared in any way (email, Whatsapp, Messenger etc.) or with Evryplace mobile app. Tours opened from the link will be displayed by your mobile devices default browser. To open tours with the mobile app you will either need to insert the hash code or find it through the search function. So when you find a presentation you can download and store it in the offline mode and asw a result reduce data transmission and provide faster loading. 

In all the modern smartphones both web browsers and mobile app versions support gyroscope. Select it to look around inside the virtual tour by moving your phone or tablet. It is intuitive and easy to use.

Your website

Embed your virtual presentations on your website. It will look like a picture placed on your website, but it will be interactive – a fully functional presentation. More information on this here.

Real estate portals

You can post your virtual tour as an addition to your listings in real estate portals as your portal supports them. Nowadays all major portals do support 360 virtual tours made with Evryplace. To do this just paste the right link into a respective field designed in order to accept virtual tours in a portal of your choice. 

The correct link to post looks like this:

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