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What do I need to start creating 360 virtual tours?

To start creating professional virtual presentations with 360 media you will need

360° panoramic pictures or videos

There are several options as to where to get your pictures or videos. 

(1) You can use a dedicated 360 camera such as Ricoh Theta Z1 or any other. We recommend this solution the most, as it is very cheap in mid to long term

(2) You can use your smartphone and Google Streetview app on your smartphone, together they allow you to create photospheres, but photospheres taken this way will be of worse quality than dedicated cameras. We only recommend it as for start. 

(3) You can hire a professional photographer. It’s the most expensive solution, but will grant you the best quality of your real estate photographs. 

Would you like to familiarize yourself with Evryplace online virtual tours editor, but don’t have any 360 photographs? No problem, you can use our sample pictures, which can be downloaded for free here. You can seamlessly upload these photos to your Evryplace account to try how it works.

Virtual tour editor

We recommend creating a free account on Evryplace. For one month you can try out all the functions for free, without any commitment – you don’t have to add any credit card information. More info on how to set up a free account here. 

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