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QR code

What is a QR code?

It is a form of linking through a picture which can be scanned with a smartphone and tablet. 

An example of a QR code – try and scan it with your Scan app.

What does it do? It simply opens the link to your virtual tour. All modern smartphones have this functionality.

It is an easy way to share and open the tour, for example when the QR code is printed and placed on a document like a brochure or on the wall or door. For example you can place a printed QR code on the door of your real estate and anyone who passes by can scan it to visit the inside without the door being opened by real estate agents.

How to get it?

(1) In the share screen
(1) Open the QR code tab
(2) Click the QR code – it will open in a new tab, then right click and select “Save as…”

Then you can paste it anywhere you want – on a website, in a printed document, as a sticker on the properties’ doors etc…

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