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A winning real estate offer with a 360° virtual tour

In this article you will be granted a chance to learn step by step how to create a virtual tour and make your real estate offer stand out from the crowd. We present useful functionalities and possible uses of widgets. We show how to cunningly hid minor flaws in photos. We will give you advice on how to provide your customer with more engaging and immersive content that will catch their eye. Last but not least, we will navigate you through each stage of creating a virtual tour in Evryplace editor.

Home Staging in Editor

When in the real life of a realtor things go other way than planned, the virtual world presents us with possibilities and tools to troubleshoot the issue quickly and easily. 

How to conceal minor flaws in photos?

Realtors more than often find themselves with the photos containing minor flaws that were not visible or so obvious when looked at directly after the session. After looking at them some time later, it turns out that the wallpaper peeling off the wall has been caught somewhere, elsewhere there are traces of children’s hands on the cabinets in the kitchen, and Theta is also reflected in the bathroom mirror. It is understandable, because with a busy schedule of apartment sessions, it is not always possible to pay attention to every detail. That is why it is important to ask the owner of the apartment to help prepare it before you arrive. Equally often, it turns out that the apartment will be refreshed soon or that the owners have undertaken to renovate some of the rooms in the near future. In these cases especially, it is worth discreetly covering a visible stain on the wall or a torn wallpaper.

Widgets that allow you to fix minor flaws in photos come to the rescue:

By adding “Image”, you can place a graphic file in strategic places, i.e., a poster, which could hide what we do not want to show in the photo for the time being. 

By adding a “Text field” you can try to place a quote or additional information on an empty wall.

By using the image widget, you can cover up the 360​​° tripod visible in the photo with the logo of your real estate agency.

How do I get the most out of widgets?

Now imagine you have a complete set of great 360° photos. Everything was perfect – the weather was fine, the apartment was sunny and spacious, all the details were captured and suddenly… that big, empty table in the middle of the room. It calls for a vase with a bouquet of flowers. And the photo from the balcony? If only there was a visible sign with the name of the streets somewhere, at the intersection under the block …

Widgets will enable you to add to your offer:

names of the streets adjacent to the apartment

technical data of the equipment located in the apartment

data on the square footage, condition of the apartment, installation, etc.

your agency branding 

additional elements of decor

How to make a virtual tour more entertaining and immersive?

You certainly know of properties in which the key advantage is an attractive location, e.g. near a forest. We are talking not only about the views, but also about the sounds that can be registered in the morning. The rustle of trees and birds singing… soothing sounds and an amazing experience.

Or maybe the owners have an interesting story about the apartment?

Add a widget with an audio file.

• Add an audio widget in the balcony or terrace scene, where sounds from the surrounding area are recorded.

• You can upload a greeting at the beginning of the presentation or a detailed description of some unusual elements of the apartment or its interior.

• All audio ideas allowed!

In modern real estate offers, even home staging can be in 2.0 version

How to properly capture the rooms layout?

The fact that a presentation is virtual does not mean that you cannot feel as if you are there. During a virtual tour, it is possible to smoothly move from one room to another. This way, we keep logic in the layout of the rooms, so that you can “enter” and return to the starting point as you please.

Two functions of the Editor will come in handy here:

By viewing the virtual tour attached to the offer, you can also see the layout of the property. By adding a flat plan (the so-called “space plan”) and marking individual rooms on it, we make it possible to understand the layout of the rooms more fully and accurately. Especially when the property has an additional floor.

By using the “transitions” widget, a smooth form of movement between presentation scenes is maintained. It allows you to move freely around the apartment, go through the corridor to the next rooms, and pass through the door just as if you were there. 

See how to create a virtual tour step-by-step:

If there are still some issues that you have not found the answer to in this article, do not hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to tell you more about creating virtual tours 🙂