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How to – 360° virtual tours in Virtual Reality

1. What is Virtual Reality (VR)

The experience of being in a different place through use of special headset put on the head – they give the user the opportunity to look around the virtual tour as if they were there. Works for both 360° photo presentations and 3D computer renderings presentations.

2. What do I need for virtual walks in virtual reality?

If you have a headset designed for VR and a presentation created in Evryplace – every Evryplace presentation can be displayed in Virtual Reality. You do not need any special technical skills – all you need is to know how internet browser works (and the headset’s controller of course).

Which VR headsets can be used to play Evryplace presentations in Virtual Reality?

We recommend the Oculus Quest 2 headset – in our opinion, they offer great value for money.

List of other devices which can be used:

Pico Neo
HTC Vive
Magic Leap One
Microsoft Hololens
Other Oculus Headsets
Samsung Gear VR
and all others that support the WebXR standard

3. How to use Virtual Reality with Evryplace?

Aby włączyć prezentację w VR (Oculus Quest 2):

Step 1: In the VR headset, turn on the Oculus Browser – the web browser installed in the headset by default
Step 2: In the website address bar (URL bar), type in or in any other way open the link to the presentation you want to play in VR
Step 3: Select the VR headset icon from the bar at the bottom
Step 4: Ready. To move though the presentation, use the right controller (specifically the trigger under the index finger) as you would use the computer mouse. You can move through the transitions to the next scenes and open and close widgets.

*This is a process for the Oculus Quest VR headset – the process is similar on other devices. Open the link to the presentation in the browser installed by default on your headset.

  • The link that must be entered into the address bar (URL) of the Oculus browser in the headset looks as follows: where ‘xxxxxx’ is the presentation hash – a unique string of 6 letters and numbers that are the identifier of a specific presentation (e.g. ‘epzgoa’). This is the same link that works in browsers on laptops and phones.
  • To have even easier access to your presentations in the future – you can log in to your Evryplace account in the Oculus browser and select My Presentations ( – you will be able to choose from the list of your presentations without having to enter the URLs. You can add the My Presentations page to your Oculus Browser bookmarks – for later use.
  • A less technologically experienced user will watch the presentation in VR? You can use Coviewing – all you need to do is start Coviewing on your laptop or device, enter the link for the Coviewing Guest (format: to the headsets browser and voila! You will remotely control what the person wearing the goggles sees from your laptop / mobile, while also seeing which way the person with the goggles is looking. You don’t have to put the controller in your hand, just look around. A little note here: you must be in lead, not follow mode.
  • If you want to show or watch presentations in VR – you may want to add a scene appearing effect. This will help reduce confusion and make the VR presentation more enjoyable. You can select this option in the Editor – after selecting the transition widget in the Style tab there is Fade to black/white option.

4. Which subscription plans allow to view presentations in VR?

Currently all presentations created in Evryplace in all subscription plans’ can be played in Virtual Reality:


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