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How to publish your virtual tour

Watch the video below to see how to publish a tour made with Evryplace

Instruction (summary of the video above): 

How to publish:

  1. Select Publish
  2. Fill out the details of the virtual tour you are publishing
  3. You can select Change presentation details to modify the title, description and contact information.
  4. If any critical errors were found the editor will remind you about them before the publication

Publication settings

In the access setting you can choose to whom your tour will be visible:


When Show presentation in Evryplace Explore and allow it to be found in Google and other search engines is turned on the tour will be public for everyone. Web users and you will be able to find it by typing in the title in Google, as well as it will be listed on Evryplace web page here


To set a password, turn on the Required password to access presentation and type in a combination of letters and numbers that fulfills the minimum requirements. When the password is set it will be required for all users, who are not the owner of the tour.
To delete the password, publish the presentation again and turn off this function.



Copy and paste Presentation Page link.
Embed on your website

To embed your tour on a website you need to copy the HTML code from Embed tab. You can choose the W which stands for width of your embed in pixels and H which stands for height.
When code is copied, just paste it in the HTML code of your website.


To share your virtual tour copy the link from the Portals tab and paste it in respective field in a portal of your choice, as long as it supports 360 tours.
View in Virtual Reality

To be able to use VR headset to view the tour you need to check the “Allow VR experience with Evryplace VR…” in your publication options (the same window as allowing tour to be found in Google and setting a password).
Please keep in mind that not every plan allows you to publish in VR (only the enterprise).


Download the QR code from the QR code tab and paste it on your website, facebook or in documents such as real estate brochure. It can then be scanned with a smartphone to open the tour.


To embed your tour on a website copy and paste the embed link or the embed code from sharing window.


To allow for viewing your tour in VR please select “Allow VR experience with Evryplace VR app for VR and Oculus Go” setting when publishing your tour. Mind that not every plan allows publication in VR.

Virtual tours made with Evryplace are ready to be played on personal computers, laptops, VR headsets, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

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