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Selling properties remotely is a thing… of the present

People are more likely to shop online than even on high-value purchases.

Internet shopping has become the way of spending free time of the modern generation. The concept of deciding “after looking up online” has become so prominent in the daily activity that we no longer look for to consulting a friend or a family member, but rather stick to what we feel, after spending some time in front of a laptop screen. It simply easier, to do it that way. That’s why we open bank accounts, renewing mobile contracts, buy electronics and even household appliances online. Remote sale has become completely natural and universal.

Why is it so?

It’s a matter of trust. Companies selling high-level risk products have developed methods to ensure the safety of the purchase and guarantee a fair withdrawal option. Online auction sites have developed ways to ensure the listings are secure and free of fraudulent activity. And this is something we got accustomed to. For younger generations making important buying decisions of offline no longer makes any difference. Online shopping just takes the pain of running around stores, agents, offices, makes things easier.

How to build trust in Real Estate?

The bigger the cost the greater effort has to be achieved to build trust. For small goods, just a set of 2D photos might be enough but if you wish to buy high-value goods a detailed 3D  model or a 360° interactive model is the norm. That’s why car companies, property developers even online shoe stores invest in 360° and 3D technology.

Buying property is a big decision

Property purchase is a decision for the whole life, the 2D pictures may give you a good idea what the property looks like. But nothing can inform the customer better, leave a lasting memory and build trust, than a 360° tour of a property. People will trust your offer much more when using 360 degrees technology because it brings life-like experience perspective. Another important factor is the fact that people stopped trusting in overprocessed 2D imagery.

Better consumer trust directly translates to real estate agents results. A 360 offer grabs the attention of the customer better and increases time spent online on the agent’s website. And better-informed customers online are far more likely to make more informed decisions and tour only those properties that are of true interest for them. The numbers speak for themselves – 67% of people want more virtual tours in business listings according to research by Google.

Another important factor real estate agents need to take into consideration is the impact of their brand. Having a 360° service part of your standard offer drastically increases the perceived value of your agency. And those people who remember you well will bring you more business through recommendations.

Co-viewing increases the authenticity of the experience

The client watching real estate 360° tour can click co-viewing request and make a 3D tour with Real Estate Agent in a real-time. This gives agents the opportunity to be connected with the buyers and allow buyers to feel cared for. Additionally, if clients want to visit few properties to make a decision there is no need to spend time commuting to each of them. Couple virtual tours are possible in just an hour from every place where there is wi-fi. This way you can improve your efficiency and show more real estates in one day.

Are we at the stage where properties will be bought online?

We are nearly there. Decision making already happens online and is crucial to finalize the deal. Well-informed buyers make better decisions, so 360° tech is winning the game of best property presentations in this regard.