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4 New Evryplace features you need to check out

4 New Evryplace features you need to check out, Evryplace Knowledge Base

We have great news for you! It’s something that we’ve been working on over the last few weeks.
We present to you the new features of Evryplace that we introduced in July.

What if you had your own assistant to help you create your presentation? Well, from now on it is possible! This is just one of the features we have introduced, and there are more!

We changed the publication panel to make the editor easier for you.

Additionally, video quality has been improved to make presentations even more immersive for customers and last but not least, the co-viewing function has become more advanced by improving video quality and adding the mute option to the microphone and speaker.

Do you want to know how it works? Read more about the new features in this article.

New functionalities in Evryplace

4 New Evryplace features you need to check out, Evryplace Knowledge Base

1. Validation Assistant

The validation assistant is a virtual assistant that will show you all technical errors in the created project and suggest changing the elements that will make your presentations even more responsive and attractive to recipients. It will help to exclude errors in the presentation by indicating hints and warnings.

Errors such as the default scene name or incorrectly added info point will disappear.

2. Convenient and easy-to-use publication panel

By changing the panel layout, sharing presentations became easier than ever. We resigned from the complex publication panel, replacing it with a transparent window offering 3 options for sharing presentations in one place: displaying in Evryplace Explore and searching it on Google and other search engines, enabling VR presentations and accessing presentation after entering the password.

By protecting the presentation with a password, we can share the presentation only with a specific person or a closed group of people. Thanks to that, we can be sure that no one will have access to it except those who have received the password from us.

3. Co-viewing in the new version

Co-viewing, which is the remote presentation with a client, has been upgraded with features such as microphone and speaker mute function. In addition, the audio system has been improved, thanks to which we achieve better sound quality during our conversation.

4 New Evryplace features you need to check out, Evryplace Knowledge Base

Moreover, the gyroscope control and inertia in the player has been introduced, thanks to which moving around the presentation gives you the opportunity to look around freely – we no longer have to limit ourselves to a static frame, we can rotate it smoothly at different viewing angles.

4. Video streaming responsiveness

Do you know that the scene in the presentation can be created not only from a photo but also from a 360 video? Yes, it is possible, and the effects of such a solution can be found here:

The video player interface has been improved, thanks to which the loading time of films in the 360 ​​presentation has been shortened, and the navigation through the presentation has become smoother and more natural.

4 New Evryplace features you need to check out, Evryplace Knowledge Base

Would you like to change something in the editor, or maybe you have an idea for the Evryplace function that will improve the editor?

Feel free to contact us anytime! Your feedback is very important to us!


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