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Knowledge Base

  • 1. How to start (4 Articles)

    All you need to know before starting your journey with virtual tours. Here we explain what you need to start creating your own, how to create an account and what you will get for free to check out if the virtual tours are for you.

  • 2. Evryplace editor (5 Articles)

    Here you can find all the information on how to create your own virtual tours. And it is really simple! From uploading the 360° photos through creating transitions between them to adding multimedia layer – it is all here.

  • 3. Publishing (6 Articles)

    Publishing tours online makes them available to view by your clients – they can be visible to everyone, only to people who have the link or protected by password. You can have unpublished tours if you dont want them to be seen for example when they are not finished yet. You can share your virtual tours by links, emails, qr codes and you can view them in an online meeting with your clients (coviewing).

  • 4. Mobile app (1 Article)

    Evryplace mobile app allows you to instantly create virtual tours from your smartphone and tablet with Ricoh Theta 360° camera. You can also use it to view your and others’ tours, downlowad them to your device and join Co-viewing.

  • 5. Account and payments (5 Articles)

    Information on how to generate invoices, manage users within Evryplace account, how subscription plans work.

  • 6. Technical difficulties (4 Articles)

    If you have problems with uploading 360° photos or videos, flat pictures or videos check here if they have the right parameters. Your tours are not visible in other websites? Check if your account is in correct plan – if not, it is probably because of the failed payment. Troubles with Ricoh Theta – find out how to fix them.

  • Changelog (1 Article)

    Read about the changes in Evryplace with the latest updates

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